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Mangle is a gal.:stamp:. by NightlightWish Mangle is a gal.:stamp:. by NightlightWish
I thought why not? Because it is true...Why is this true? She is on ladies.night. LADIES night guys. Now before anyone tries to rip my head off with fem-boys and the fact Scott dosen't state her gender, this is just me. I feel Mangle is only female due to the fact she is on ladies night. Not because of apperance. So thanks :D
Edit #1 Hey guys, I just want to say please stop telling me Mangle is a guy or can be both. Because, in all honesty. I could see it in any direction. Being a boy, girl, or even both. This game is a horror game. Meaning? The gender of something should not really matter al that much. It dosen't add anything to the game or take anything away from enjoying your game expirence. As I stated, I did this for fun and this is only based off of Ladies Night mode. Nothing more, nothing less. Okay? c:
I, myself, like to see Mangle female but as I have stated, this can go any direction. As a plus, the gender of the Mangle shouldn't matter. So yes, I get lots of people say its a boy, but there is also a lot of people who say otherwise. It really shouldn't matter this mess of parts gender. Its fun to think and see what others think about this things gender. So thanks for reading~
So let's enjoy the games for what they are; horror! <3

I.MOVEEEEEEDDDDDDD. As a PLUS obviously the some of you who keep telling me "its a robot" are not reading my FREAKING description. I stated this:

 As a plus, the gender of the Mangle shouldn't matter.....So let's enjoy the games for what they are; horror! <3
I MADE THIS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ALSO BELIEVE THIS. But obviously some of you can't take two seconds to read a description. And yes, even tho I moved I like to come in here to see what is going on or for previous adopts people have questions for that they only know me from here. Just. Stop. And. READ PLS.
Not trying to insult anyone but this PROVES to me that people don't read descriptions. Thank you to those who were polite about it and such. And thank you for understanding my point of view and others. Goodbye.
Stamp template(c) Mirz123
Mangle(c) Scott
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January 15, 2015
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